Gemini Model Build-Up Studios provides our customers with collectors pieces expertly constructed with the highest quality materials to the highest level of craftmanship. The choice of options of the look of the finished product are up to you. We build to our client's specifications. You may choose to have the kit built straight from the box or have modifications, conversions or upgrades.

We do extensive research in all of our projects in terms of accuracy, color scheme, detailing, etc. to get it to look as close to the original subject as possible.

We request that, whenever possible, you supply us with copies of whatever reference materials (ie. photos, drawings, videos etc.) you have on hand to assist us in the process of bringing you the finest looking end product. These materials will, of course be returned to you when the project is completed.

Upon completion, each project will be photographed and added to our galleries. 



In addition to building "new" projects either from a kit or from scratch as described above, we are pleased to offer our new Model Restoration Service. We specialze in vintage Aurora Figure kits and similar classic collector's pieces, but we will restore any project and completely restore it using our usual high standards.

When a project arrives at our studio for restoration, the first step is to disassemble the model. It is then stripped of all old paint and decals. The parts are then carefully washed to remove all old paint, glue and other residue. This is followed by a complete rebuild. The model will be sanded and puttied so that no seamlines are visible. The last step is to prime, paint and apply a protective clearcoat and decals (if appropriate). You will now have a fully restored piece which you may display in your collection.

See our "AURORA RESTORATION" gallery for a full photo spread of the restoration process.


It may, in some cases, be necessary to replace unusable pieces with parts which have been reissued, recast or scratchbuilt. Original parts from the same issue will be used whenever possible.



Each of our projects is built to order to the specifications of the client.  We do not build assembly line style as are many of the "pro built" models offered on the popular online auction sites. Each project requires a separate price quote. The cost of each build-up will depend on the size and complexity of the options which you choose. The cost will be higher for modifications, custom bases, aftermarket parts or additional diorama componants all of which are available. Price quotes may be done by phone or via E-Mail using the link  on the "CONTACT US" page.



The lead time will vary depending on the complexity and size of the project and our current work load.  We will do our best to get your projects to you as quickly as possible, but there are many factors to consider when doing work of this type, so your patience will be greatly appreciated. Upon request, "in progress" photos will be provided via Email.



We have several different methods and terms of payment available. Complete payment terms and options will be discussed at the time of order placement.  Any additional charges such as shipping and any additional costs (ie. aftermarket parts, custom decals, etc.) will be included in the final cost of your project.




As the finished projects are extremely fragile, each piece must be carefully packed for shipping. The cost will vary widely depending on size, weight and special custom packing requirements. It may be necessary in certain cases to separate figures or sub-assemblies to insure protection in transit. We prefer to ship via USPS.  If you have any special preference as to carrier, please advise us at time of order placement so that we may include this cost in your price quote.


 Thank you for viewing our website.    We hope to have the opportunity to serve you soon.