This original Aurora Mummy is an example of a  full resoration project.  The model was sent  several years ago.  The first 4 photos show the model as it appeared when it arrived.  It was then disassembled.  The remaining photos show the paint being stripped, the model puttied and sanded to remove all of the seams .  Finally, it was completely reassembled, primed and repainted.

 The base was painted with thick applications of gloss green, red, yellow and gold paint with a black undercoating.  The figure was covered in  thick grey gloss enamel paint decades ago.

The figure has been stripped and reassembled. The seams have been eliminated and the figure has been primed for its new paint job. Note the right arm , left hand and the hanging bandages have been removed until the painting is complete. They will be replaced in the next step.

After the removed parts were replaced, the figure was painted in a basecoat of dark grey. It was then drybrushed in a lighter shade of brown and then off white mixed with light grey. Lighter shades were added later.

After the paint was stripped, puttied and reprimed, the base was repainted in several shades of brown, grey and white. Oil washes ,drybrushing and other techniques were used to bring out the details. The cobra was also stripped and repainted and attached to the base. Epoxy putty was used to reinforce all of the pieces from the bottom.